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"Psychotherapy is the single greatest innovation of our times and the discipline on which the eventual flourishing of humankind rests"

Alain de Botton - September 2017


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individual psychotherapy

The causes of psychological distress are never only within the individual. Every difficulty is relational. Problems generally occur as a result of complex dynamics within our relationship(s); with ourselves and our environment - family, friends, college, workplace, and so on. Through a gentle but rigorous process, my role is to help you explore your situation in order to make fully informed life choices. I do not diagnose or pathologise any feelings or behaviours. You can expect to be treated with respect at all times.

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relationship therapy

All problems within relationships are co-created. Finding fault, blaming and shaming doesn't help. My role is to facilitate a process where you can make sense of the complex dynamics for yourselves, as a couple or family. I encourage you to take responsibility for understanding and expressing your own needs in an atmosphere of collaborative and respectful exploration.

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personal development

We learn about ourselves through our interactions with others. Two personal development groups are in the developmental stages:


'come as you are' co-facilitated group in Cork City Centre


kinsale men's group

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