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kinsale men's group

it's not therapy but...

It is an interesting and challenging time to be a man. The social landscape is shifting and whilst many of us welcome the movement towards gender and sexual equality, we have yet to work out how that looks in practice. Our role models often belonged to previous generations when “men were men and women were glad of it” and the blueprint for how to ‘be a man’ (whatever that means) in today’s changing world isn't obvious.

What is said in the Men’s Group stays in the Men's Group!

Kinsale Men’s Group is a safe space where men come together to talk about whatever we want/need to talk about (which might occasionally include football). I will facilitate the meetings. 


This is a new group in the process of forming. Frequency, length and cost of sessions will be dependent upon interest and the needs of group members.

If you are or might be interested in joining, please get in touch for an informal chat

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