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about psychotherapy

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, psychology and counselling are terms which cover a range of practices often referred to as talking therapies. Many different theories and philosophies fall under this umbrella. I offer existential psychotherapy and ecopsychology, which means that I do not diagnose or pathologise any feelings or behaviours and I do not see the causes of psychological distress as being only within the individual. Instead, I view every difficulty as relational; i.e. problems generally occur as a result of complex and multifaceted dynamics within our relationship(s) with ourselves and our environment - family, friends, college, workplace, etc. Through a gentle but rigorous process, I aim to help you explore your situation in order to make fully informed life choices.

Who is it for?

Psychotherapy can be of benefit to anybody who is dissatisfied with, or troubled by, any aspect of life. For example, you might have a difficult decision to make about your future, be feeling stuck in some aspect of your personal and/or professional relationships, or be repeating unhelpful and/or harmful behaviours. You might be experiencing persistent periods of low mood (sometimes called depression) and/or anxiety or extreme panic attacks. You might be overcoming a traumatic event or series of events, or experiencing the symptoms of stress for no easily identifiable reason. You might also be coming to terms with a situation where there is no solution, such as terminal illness, bereavement or other difficulties relating to physical decline and/or death. 


What should I expect?

Usually we would arrange a time to meet for one or two initial consultation sessions. These can be either online or at my practice room in Kinsale, depending upon your preference and needs. During these sessions I will invite you to say a little about whatever it is that prompted you to seek therapy and I will encourage you to ask any questions that might help you decide whether I am the right person for you to work with. We will also take some time to discuss confidentiality, practicalities and contract.


Once we have agreed to work together, the process becomes organic and will develop at a pace which feels right for you. I aim to provide a safe space where whatever needs to emerge can find expression. This usually involves talking and listening, but non-verbal communication, together with creative forms of expression, such as dreams and daydreams, movement, guided imagination, music, tears, laughter, images, etc. are all encouraged and welcome as equally valuable in the process of exploration. We will initially meet at my practice room in Kinsale or online, with options for working outdoors when appropriate. 


Some difficulties can be resolved quite quickly. Others take more time to work through. Therapy is offered on an open-ended basis. It usually comes to a planned end whenever it feels right for you to stop.


How much does it cost?

My usual fee for individual 50 minute sessions is €80 including VAT.

Sessions will usually be weekly to begin with.

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