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To protect confidentiality, client testimonials are not available. These endorsements are from professional colleagues who know me and my way of working very well.

Besides being a very competent psychotherapist, well grounded in his Existential approach, Matthew brings to human relationships a special brand of integrity and warmth that I experience resonating from every cell of his being. 

He possesses a spacious inquisitive spirit, a deeply rooted capacity for compassion and a sense of humour that comes from having himself taken the risks and travelled the landscapes he supports others through.

This allows him to be both a supportive, accepting presence and a trustworthy colleague and therapist even when challenges are needed, and then he can offer these with sensitivity and humility - as he would not pose others questions that he is not prepared to pose to himself.

This makes him an invaluable friend and colleague and an excellent, deeply empathic psychotherapist I recommend full heartedly.

Filomena Ianni

My experience of Matthew is a man of huge integrity and whole heartedness, I am more than happy to recommend him to anyone seeking psychotherapy. In fact I would go so far as to say that there is no issue too large or too small that you could not sit down and approach with him. He is both professional and personal and I could not recommend him more highly

Leonie Guest

Matthew is a highly thoughtful, pragmatic and honest individual who actively listens and is able to get to the heart of an issue quickly. What I value about him most is his non-judgemental style. 

I highly recommend Matthew to anyone looking for a psychotherapist who will accept you for all that you are, and with great integrity

Sara Robinson

Matthew is a strong, reliable and caring person, who I would highly recommend as a psychotherapist. We have shared many sensitive times and I have felt his empathy and compassion as a natural and instinctive part of his being. Being real and honest is a huge part of Matthew's strong character.

Jayne Johnson

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